Success Stories that Made Our Partners Proud

THE WALL ST. JOURNAL asked to be our partner in The Jobs Rated Almanac in 1995. Not only is it still a book in-print 25 years later, it is on the Web too and reaching millions, thanks to our Internet-age partner

CAREERCAST.COM initiated our "Job Rated Report," a licensed derivative edition of our Jobs Rated Almanac, now on Its findings on the "best and worst jobs" is still in the news after its debut as an almanac 25 years ago!



Most organizations, from news providers to professional associations, have valuable content laying fallow that is sometimes forgotten or not recognized as marketable. In some instances, the book world can be a serendipitous avenue to release information in new, unexpected ways. When these new venues are discovered, they can produce surprising and profitable results.  The video at left demonstrates how 3 creative partners worked together to produce a #1 bestseller.